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Transport | Improvements to the capacity of the M50 and M4

To ask the Minister for Transport the extent to which he expects to be in a position to improve the capacity of the M50 and the M4; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

To ask the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport if any particular traffic management plans are likely, given the need to improve the efficiency and safety of the M50 and similar routes to the capital city in view of the drastic overcrowding; and if he will make a statement on the matter.



Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s (TII) enhancing Motorway Operation Services (eMOS) programme, will see the phased introduction of variable speed limits and lane control signalling (Red X) on the M50. This initiative allows motorway control room operators to set the speed limits and close lanes in response to the prevailing traffic conditions and incidents when they occur. The signs are currently in operation from J3 M1 to J9 Red Cow and the installation of signs on the remainder of the M50 is continuing with completion expected in the summer.

The use of Red X signage will protect road users and emergency services during an incident on the route as well as providing greater protection to motorway operatives when performing their duties on the motorway. Furthermore, the ability to adjust the speed limit on the M50 will improve its operational efficiency by smoothing traffic flow, improving journey time reliability and reducing the number of secondary traffic collisions.

With regard to the N/M4, TII are working with Kildare County Council to pilot Priority Bus measures on this route. When completed, these measures are expected to increase the operational efficiency of buses, making them a more attractive modal choice for commuters.




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