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Housing, Local Government and Heritage | How electricity and water to new houses is limiting progress in the construction sector

To ask the Minister for Housing; Local Government and Heritage the extent to which the provision of utilities such as electricity and water to new houses is currently limiting progress in the construction sector; and if he will make a statement on the matter.


Housing for All recognises that in order to create the environment needed to enable supply of over 300,000 new homes by 2030, land needs to be serviced with transport, utilities and other infrastructure. Housing for All provides for this ‘whole of system’ approach. In line with Action 22.6 of the Housing for All Action Plan Update (November 2022) both Uisce Éireann and the ESB are enhancing measures to ensure the timely delivery of housing connections and to clearly identify responsibilities of those building homes, and Uisce Éireann and ESB in advance of completing connections. With regard to water, Uisce Éireann has statutory responsibility for all aspects of water services planning, delivery and operation at national, regional and local levels. The scope, prioritisation and progression of individual projects is a matter for Uisce Éireann and is approved through its own internal governance structures.

Uisce Éireann is committed to supporting the delivery of housing including under Housing for All and provides my Department with updates containing key information on how they are supporting the housing plan by providing water services to new homes, key public services and businesses. Uisce Éireann is supporting the delivery of Housing for All through a number of actions, including the timely delivery of housing connections.

In this regard, to be of assistance, Uisce Éireann has provided the following information in relation to 2022:

  • Pre-connection enquiries: Uisce Éireann gave positive responses to 3,190 pre-connection enquiries associated with 116,647 housing units.
  • Connection offers: Uisce Éireann issued 4,473 connection offers in 2022, associated with 36,989 housing units.
  • Connection agreements: Customers executed connection agreements for 3,693 offers, associated with 28,188 housing units.
  • Connections: Uisce Éireann completed 4,258 connections to water infrastructure associated with 25,347 housing units.

Uisce Éireann has established a dedicated team to deal with representations and queries from public representatives.  The team can be contacted via email to or by telephone on a dedicated number, 0818 578 578.

My Department does not have responsibility for electricity supply and as such does not hold information in relation to electricity along the lines set out in the Question.

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