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Defence | Total number of vacant/disused/decommissioned properties available that could potentially be used for accommodation purposes

To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Defence the total number of vacant/disused/decommissioned properties owned by his Department which potentially could be used for accommodation purposes; and if he will make a statement on the matter.


There are seventy-seven (77) residential type properties under the remit of my Department.  Ten (10) properties are in Cork, Five (5) properties are in Dublin and sixty-two (62) properties are in Kildare.  I am advised that none of these properties can be occupied without considerable refurbishment and were built before the Building Regulations and associated standards arising from same came into effect. My Department does not collate data in respect of the length of time properties are vacant as local military authority manage the allocation of housing stock to Defence Force personnel.

The Deputy will be aware, that I recently instructed that the proposed demolition of some of the building stock in the DFTC was to be reconsidered and to that end I am advised that preparatory work on the reconfiguration of those premises to single living in accommodation has commenced.

Since the launch of the IDP in January 2020 some €22m worth of accommodation projects have been completed, providing 365 bed spaces at the following barracks locations:

  • The refurbishment of Blocks B and D of Pearse Barracks – 48 beds,  
  • Refurbishment of Plunkett Block 7, DFTC-58 beds,
  • Refurbishment of Blocks 1 & 2 Cathal Brugha Barracks- 80 beds,
  • Refurbishment of Apprentice Hostel, Casement Aerodrome- 75 beds,
  • Refurbishment of Block 8 Haulbowline – 70 beds,
  • Refurbishment of Block H, McKee Barracks- 34 beds.

The provision of accommodation for homeless persons is primarily the responsibility of my colleague the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government. I am advised that my Department has previously submitted returns to the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, in accordance with their suitability criteria, on property holdings which could be considered for the provision of accommodation for those persons seeking refuge from the war in the Ukraine.
At present the following current and former military installations have been made available for the purposes of accommodating those seeking refuge :
– Kilbride Camp, Co. Wicklow :
– Ballymullen Barracks, Kerry,
– former Columb Barracks, Westmeath.



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