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Environment, Climate and Communications | Update on the efficacy of Broadband Ireland

To ask the Minister for the Environment; Climate and Communications the extent to which the provision of broadband continues to meet targets; and if he will make a statement on the matter.


Last year saw the NBP network build programme achieve real momentum and this momentum is set to continue this year. As of 17 February, over 129,400 premises can order, or pre-order a high-speed broadband connection across 26 counties, with over 118,600 premises passed across 26 counties and available for immediate connection. Connections to the NBP network have a minimum speed of 500 Mbps and to date 32,502 premises have taken up a connection. 

National Broadband Ireland had a target of 102,000 premises to be passed by the end of January and this target was exceeded.  NBI is on track to meet, or exceed its 2023 target of 185,000 premises passed.NBI remains confident that it can complete the network build within the 7 year contracted period.

NBI have created a portal that will serve as a means for Oireachtas members to proactively search for information relevant to their county/local area. The portal provides an up-to-date picture of NBI’s deployment schedule across the 227 Deployment Areas (DAs) in all 26 counties.

Strategic Connection Points (SCPs) are a key element of the NBP providing high speed broadband in every county in advance of the roll out of the fibre to the home network. As of 17 February 2023, 864 SCP sites (282 Broadband Connection Points, which are publicly accessible sites, and 582 schools) have been installed and the high-speed broadband service will be switched on in these locations through service provider contracts managed by the Department of Rural and Community Development for BCPs and the Department of Education for school SCP’s. Further details can be found on NBI’s website. (

By mid year this year every school in Ireland will have a connection to a high speed broadband service. 

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