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Justice | Discussions with EU colleagues in regard to the integrity of the European immigration system

To ask the Minister for Justice if he will report on his recent discussions with EU colleagues in regard to the European immigration crisis with particular reference to ensuring the integrity of the system.


Ireland, like other EU Member States, has seen an increase in applicants for International Protection from a broad range of countries since the resumption of international travel, which was interrupted during the pandemic. Several Member States have experienced increases in applications for international protection that are significantly higher than that experienced in Ireland.

Against the background, Ireland has been actively working with our EU partners to manage migration in Europe more effectively, and has consistently argued for this issue to be dealt by agreement across the EU.

A key focus for the discussions at EU level is the Pact on Migration and Asylum which was published on 23 September, 2020 and consists of a Communication put forward by the Commission and five new legislative proposals to replace or complement a number of 2016 proposals for a new Common European Asylum System.

The Pact sets out the Commission’s comprehensive new approach to migration bringing together policy in the areas of migration, asylum, integration and border management recognising that the overall effectiveness depends on progress on all fronts. This common response also incorporates the EU’s partnerships with third countries to address the root causes of irregular migration, combat migrant smuggling, assist refugees residing in third countries and to support an effective returns policy and well-managed legal migration.

At the most recent meeting of EU Ministers for Justice and Home Affairs in January, together with my Ministerial colleagues we discussed in particular the need for an efficient and well-functioning system for returns. In this context, Ministers stressed the importance of achieving more effective cooperation with countries of origin. Ministers also discussed the importance of ensuring effective whole-of-government approaches to meeting migratory challenges using a wide range of actions across all policy areas, including both the short and long term.

At a national level in Ireland, my Department continues to take all necessary steps to manage the international protection process efficiently and effectively, while ensuring the integrity of the immigration system is maintained at all times.   The Government has committed additional funding of nearly €18m in 2023 that will also go towards increasing efficiency in processing applications, including by increasing staff numbers at the International Protection Office.

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