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Social Protection | Overturning on appeal of decisions in respect of social welfare payments

To ask the Minister for Social Protection the extent to which various decisions in respect of social welfare payments have been subsequently overturned on appeal by the applicants or her Department in the past twelve months; and if she will make a statement on the matter.


The Social Welfare Appeals Office functions independently of the Minister for Social Protection and of the Department and is responsible for determining appeals against decisions in relation to social welfare entitlements.

The Social Welfare Appeals Office has advised me that there are a number of reasons why a decision which was refused at first instance might be successful on appeal and it is not necessarily the case that the first decision was incorrect.  It is often the case that new evidence is provided with an appeal and that, as a result, the original decision may be revised by the Deciding Officer or Designated Person.  Where the decision is not revised by the Department in light of the appeal contentions, further evidence is often provided by the person concerned over the course of the appeal process and this may lead to the appeal being allowed or partly allowed by the Appeals Officer.

The table below provides details of the outcomes of all finalised appeals in 2022.

Appeal Outcomes 2022
Scheme Allowed by Appeals Officer Part allowed by Appeals Officer Revised Decision by Deciding Officer Disallowed by Appeals Officer Total 
Back To Work Family Dividend11142541
Blind Pension104813
Carer’s Allowance804675201,9533,344
Carer’s Benefit76178113268
Carer’s Support Grant89440191324
Child Benefit317118150306
Death Benefit00011
Deserted Wife’s Benefit31037
Disability Allowance2,348747222,2225,366
Disablement Benefit51721122201
Domiciliary Care Allowance698487125351,993
Farm Assist108223272
Guardian’s Payment (Contributory)12352444
Guardian’s Payment (Non-Contributory)537520
Illness Benefit3721,1292381,406
Incapacity Supplement10001
Injury Benefit120143561
Insurability of Employment6011146118
Invalidity Pension57073875901,554
Jobseeker’s Allowance170565208221,568
Jobseeker’s Allowance (Means)4316167377603
Jobseeker’s Benefit8823389388888
Jobseeker’s Benefit Over 657224145178
Jobseeker’s Benefit Self Employed50183053
Jobseeker’s Transitional93314184
Liable Relatives1032033
Maternity Benefit151325098
One Parent Family Payment248114105251
Pandemic Unemployment Payment549305504872
Parent’s Benefit32181336
Partial Capacity Benefit35455094
Paternity Benefit30221742
State Pension (Contributory)3211122327492
State Pension (Non-Contributory)342470159287
Supplementary Welfare Allowance11120144571846
Treatment Benefits1010112114
Widowed Parent Grant20158
Widows,Widowers Pension (Contributory)61114563
    Widows,Widowers Pension (Non-Contributory)0131216
Working Family Payment5457952361,090
Totals 5,506 420 6,728 10,202 22,856 

I trust this clarifies the matter for the Deputy.

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