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Housing, Local Government and Heritage | Road and bridge replacement in Celbridge, County Kildare

To ask the Minister for Housing; Local Government and Heritage the extent to which agreement and approval has been reached and made in respect of the implementation of road and bridge replacement and improvement works in Celbridge, County Kildare; the extent to which proposals continue to be advanced in line with expectations given the urgency of the need for same; when works will commence and be completed; and if he will make a statement on the matter.


Overall responsibility for roads policy and funding for the implementation of transport strategies is a matter for my colleague the Minister for Transport. Kildare County Council as the Roads Authority, is responsible for the management of the road network in its jurisdiction.

Notwithstanding the above the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) is providing part-funding for applicant led roads projects that will enable a greater proportion of residential and mixed-use development to be delivered within the existing built-up footprints of our cities and large towns.

A key measure in Project Ireland 2040, the URDF is supporting a programme of significant transformational capital projects that will contribute to the regeneration and rejuvenation of Ireland’s five cities and other large towns, in line with the objectives of the National Planning Framework.

In 2021, following a second call for proposals under the URDF, I announced a preliminary allocation of €10,237,500 for Kildare County Council’s Celbridge to Hazelhatch Link Road project.

This followed Kildare County Council’s successful application for €400,000 to provide technical assistance for the advancement of the project under the URDF’s first call for proposals in 2018.

It is proposed that this project will provide a link road between Celbridge Town and Hazelhatch Train Station of approximately 2km in length, and the delivery of a second bridge over the River Liffey in Celbridge. The project will enhance connectivity between Celbridge Town and Hazelhatch Train Station, supporting compact, consolidated development in Celbridge by realising the full potential of zoned lands south and east of the River Liffey.

The advancement of URDF supported projects through the various stages of planning, development and completion is, in the first instance, a matter for the Sponsoring Agency, Kildare County Council. Approved projects must be carefully developed and managed in accordance with the normal conditions and arrangements that apply to public sector managed projects and in full compliance with the Public Spending Code.

Currently Kildare County Council is preparing a Preliminary Business Case for submission to my Department, upon receipt of which, further consideration will be given to the continued advancement of this project.

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