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Environment, Climate and Communications | Addressing the budget

To ask the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications the extent to which the budget allocated to his Department remains adequate to meet the costs of the targets set in respect of his Department in the Programme for Government; and if he will make a statement on the matter. – Bernard J. Durkan.

For WRITTEN answer on Thursday, 15th December, 2022.

(684  Received on 12th December, 2022.)


Under the Programme for Government, my Department has responsibility for the delivery of a substantial programme of work across several key missions, particularly: 

  • A Better Quality of Life for All;
  • Reigniting and Renewing the economy; and
  • A Green New Deal. 

To deliver on these missions, and the Department’s vision of a climate neutral, sustainable, and digitally connected Ireland, significant funding is allocated to my Department.  Under the current National Development (NDP), a total of €12.9 billion in capital funding has been allocated for the period 2021 to 2030.  This funding is enabling my Department to strategically plan, and deliver on its long term commitments and targets. Under Budget 2023, the total expenditure allocation for my Department is €1.038 billion, of which €1.016 billion is capital.  
The Revised Estimates Volume for 2023 (REV 2023) was published on 14 December 2022 and sets out greater detail on the budget allocations, including detailed performance information and targets.   The REV 2023 can be accessed at – The Revised Estimates Volumes for the Public Service (
Details of my Department’s achievements and progress towards its targets and commitments are published annually in its Annual Report.  The 2020 and 2021 Reports are available at the following links:

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