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Taoiseach | Number of persons employed in the services sector

To ask the Taoiseach the total number of persons currently employed in the services sector throughout the country.


The Labour Force Survey (LFS) is the official source of employment estimates in the State.

The LFS sectoral employment figures are based on the EU NACE Rev. 2 classification.

In Q3 2022 1,947,900 persons were employed in NACE Rev.2 Economic Sectors G-U (Total Services).

Table 1 below shows the number of persons aged 15 – 89 years in employment (ILO) classified by NACE Rev.2 Economic Sectors the third quarter 2012 – 2022.  

Table 1 Persons aged 15-89 years in employment (ILO) classified by sex and NACE Rev.2 Economic Sector Q3 2012-2022
Economic sector (NACE Rev.2)Q3 2012Q3 2013Q3 2014Q3 2015Q3 2016Q3 2017Q3 2018Q3 2019Q3 2020Q3 2021Q3 2022
AAgriculture, forestry and fishing110.1112.2108.9112.0115.9111.2104.599.398.3107.094.6
B-FTotal Industry315.4339.1347.0377.0404.2417.6431.1443.8432.7453.4501.4
G-UTotal Services1,456.01,504.81,543.51,578.91,628.31,667.41,724.91,774.71,715.41,905.91,947.9
GWholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles276.5284.8290.2290.5299.2303.9300.8300.9302.3310.8315.3
HTransportation and storage 83.383.684.187.092.693.7101.1103.7100.1108.7108.5
IAccommodation and food service activities127.2144.5148.6150.3162.5164.8181.2176.7137.2176.7170.0
JInformation and communication91.297.595.8101.9109.4117.0124.1130.8128.3147.3159.5
K-LFinancial, insurance and real estate activities103.5104.3108.1105.3108.7108.1100.8114.2123.4137.9127.4
MProfessional, scientific and technical activities106.2121.5128.6135.8140.1132.9134.8132.7140.6164.9165.7
NAdministrative and support service activities79.778.879.983.884.492.6105.2109.292.1103.1110.9
OPublic administration and defence; compulsory social security88.587.390.393.792.295.4103.6113.9117.7124.2132.2
QHuman health and social work activities257.8257.9266.7271.2273.9281.2281.3290.8288.0306.4336.6
R-UOther NACE activities 108.0108.0110.5115.6118.8117.6122.3119.2103.0117.6115.6
Not stated7.05.99.910.710.0[7.9]8.4[5.6]**10.4
Total persons1,888.51,962.02,009.42,078.62,158.42,204.22,268.92,323.42,250.02,471.22,554.3
Source: Labour Force Survey (LFS), Central Statistics Office, Ireland.
Parentheses [ ] indicate where there are 30-49 persons in a cell, estimates are considered to have a wider margin of error and should be treated with caution.
An asterisk (*) indicates that estimates for numbers of persons or averages where there are less than 30 persons in a cell are not produced as estimates are too small to be considered reliable.  
Data may be subject to sampling or other survey errors, which are greater in respect of smaller values or estimates of change.
Data may be subject to future revision.
Reference period: q3=July- September.





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