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Health | Co Kildare health infrastructure replacement and improvement plans

To ask the Minister for Health the status of the various hospital building/extension/replacement programmes in County Kildare and throughout the country with particular reference to the replacement of obsolete buildings, old-fashioned practices or facilities and the provision of a modern health service to meet the public demand of an increased population; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

(See attached file: Oral PQ 52354-22 Supplementary Material.docx)

The annual Capital Plan outlines the health capital projects which are being progressed across the country. I am happy to confirm that capital funding allocated in 2023 for the construction and equipping of healthcare facilities is €1.017 billion, an increase of 11% over 2022.

There are typically over 300 projects included in the capital plan each year across the country and across the sector. I know the Deputy is a strong advocate for capital projects in Kildare, and has a keen interest in Naas General Hospital.

By way of update, there are several projects in train at Naas General Hospital. These include the new Lakeview Mental Health Unit for which a strategic assessment report is being prepared. This will provide 50 high-quality beds, including 9 Intensive Care Beds.

Also in Naas, construction of the Modular Isolation Unit is due to complete in early Q1 2023 providing 12 rooms to assist in the isolation of suspected COVID-19 and other infectious organisms’ cases.

I am happy to follow up with the Deputy with more detailed information on capital projects in Kildare.

At national level, my Department is developing a Strategic Healthcare Investment Framework. This Framework will build on the extensive research and papers recently published by the Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service.

The Framework will utilise multiple criteria, including population-based requirements, in the assessment and strategic prioritisation of health investment proposals to ensure investments are evidence informed, equitable, and facilitate the delivery of improved health outcomes.

Key Messages:

· The Capital Plan details health capital infrastructure projects being progressed in the State.

o 329 projects across State in Capital Plan 2022

o 10 projects in Kildare in Capital Plan 2022

1. Naas General Hospital – (Lakeview) New 50 Bed Acute Mental Health unit including 9 Intensive Care Beds. Current stage: Strategic Assessment Report. Estimated Cost: €18.67 million

2. Naas General Hospital – Modular Unit, 12 Isolation Rooms. Current stage: Under construction expected completion Q1 2023.

Estimated Cost: €5.96 million

3. Naas General Hospital – Day Procedures Unit, Oncology & Physical Therapy Unit – Replacement Endoscopy Suite. Current stage: Design. Estimated Cost: €16.91 million

4. Naas General Hospital – New Build Mortuary. Current stage: Design. Estimated Cost: €2.55 million

5. Celbridge -10 Mental Health High Support Community Residence. Current stage: Design. Estimated Cost: €4.21 million

6. St. Vincent’s Athy – 95 bed Community Nursing Home. 2 phase delivery. Current Stage: Both Phases at Design.

Phase 1: construction start Q4 2023; estimated completion Q4 2025. Estimated Cost: (Phase 1) €22.61 million (Phase 2) €22.02 million (after phase 1 completion)

7. St. Vincent’s Athy – Convert Vacant Nightingale Ward to Day Care Centre. Current Stage: Design Estimated Timeline: Q1 2023 – go to tender; Q2 2023 start works on site. Estimated Cost: €0.73 million

8. Monasterevin – Renovate Existing Dispensary for Older Person Day and PCC Services. Current stage: In Construction, expect completion Q4 2023 with 2-3 month equipping & handover period. Estimated Cost: €1.9 million

9. Tús Nua, Kildare Town – 10 Mental Health High Support Community Residence. Current stage: Appraisal. Estimated Cost: €3 million

10. Kilmeague Health Centre – Renovation and conversion of vacant site for Community Daycare / Meals-on-Wheels run by St Vincent de Paul. Current stage: Design. Estimated Cost: €0.5 million

· Historic Capital Projects Completed in Kildare (3-5 Years)

o Celbridge – Refurbish/upgrade the existing Health Centre in Celbridge to provide accommodation for Primary Care, Dental Services, Mental Health & TUSLA. Operational in 2020. Cost: €1.01 million

o Celbridge – Minor upgrade works to two existing mental health residential units (Monawee, Athy & Hazel Cottage, Celbridge) and the provision of staff accommodation (nurses office, staff breakroom, staff wc and clinical room) by way of modular build (Hazel Cottage – 46sqm, Monawee – 36sqm) on each site. Funded through Minor Capital. Operational in 2021

o St. Vincent’s Athy – 6 Isolation Beds, ensuite, new modular rapid build. Operational in 2020 Cost: €0.70 million

· Capital Funding for 2023 increasing by 11% in line with NDP

o Letter of Determination issued this week setting out funding levels and Minister’s priorities for 2023.

o Capital Plan 2023 in development.

· Allocation of Resources to cater for increasing population

o New Strategic Health Investment Framework in development in the Department.

o The framework builds on Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Services (IGEES) research and publications.

o IGEES research looked at: Historical Investment in health, investment criteria, capacity and condition of assets across the sector and regions.

o New framework will utilise population-based resource allocation methods in assessment and prioritisation of capital projects.

· Delivery of Capital Projects

o Project delivery is subject to the successful completion of the various approval stages of the Public Spending Code, availability of funding, resources and prioritisation of projects.

Future Challenges

· The impact of inflation, supply chain issues and resourcing constraints on the construction industry and project progression.

Planned Actions

· Publication of Strategic Health Investment Framework in coming weeks.

· Review of the Public Spending Code.

Supplementary Q&A

Q: What is the status of the HSE Capital Plan 2023? Is there a publication date?

A: I have this week issued a Letter of Determination setting out my priorities for 2023 and the level of capital funding for the construction and equipping of healthcare facilities.

Capital funding for health infrastructure 2023 is €1.017 billion, an increase of 11% over 2022.

The HSE must present a draft NSP and Capital plan to me by 08 November. Publication of the 2023 NSP and Capital plan will occur following my review and approval.

Q: What is the Strategic Health Investment Framework?

A: The Strategic Health Investment Framework is a new framework utilising criteria such as: assessment of patient safety and regulatory requirements, regional/population requirements and climate action requirements to assess investment proposals.

The framework builds on IGEES research and papers recently published.

Development and implementation of the framework will enhance transparency and efficiency in the selection of health investment proposals and priorities in line with the National Development Plan and Sláintecare priorities.

My Department are continuing to engage with stakeholders on the framework prior to its publication and implementation. The framework is expected to be published in the coming weeks.

(Oral PQ 52354-22 Supplementary Material.docx)

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