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To ask the Minister for Health the ongoing efforts underway to enhance the quality and scale of community and institutional mental health services, with particular reference to the need to achieve quality of service in line with the requirements; and if he will make a statement on the matter.


The Health Service Executive has been requested to reply directly to you in the context of the above Parliamentary Question, which you submitted to the Minister for Health for response. I have examined the matter and the following outlines the position.
Policy Direction
Published in March 2022, the Sharing the Vision: A Mental Health Policy for Everyone Implementation Plan 2022 to 2024 sets out a programme of work for the next three years to deliver StV recommendations, including what is be achieved, required input and milestones, expected outputs and outcomes and named implementation leads. In line with the StV governance structure, the HSEs Implementation Group (HIG) oversees delivery of HSE-led recommendations. The HIG has adopted a work stream model where StV recommendations are grouped thematically to ensure coordinated and timely delivery.
Further information can be found here:

According to the Mental Health Commission 2021 Annual Report, compliance with the 31 regulations improved in 2021 in comparison to 2020. Approximately 89% of approved centres achieved an 80% rate of compliance or higher with the regulations in 2021, compared to 82% of services in 2020. Only seven services had a compliance rate lower than 80% in 2021, and no individual service had a regulation compliance rate lower than 68%. In comparison, 12 approved centres had a compliance rate lower than 80% in 2020, and the lowest compliance rate in 2020 was 67%.

The levels of compliance achieved varied across each Community Healthcare Organisation (CHOs). In 2021, CHO 5 (97%) had the highest compliance rate with regulations on average across each of its services, while CHO 4 had the lowest average Compliance Monitoring Key Findings 74% regulations with over 90% compliance nationally individual services that achieved over 90% compliance with Regulations no service had less than 68% compliance with Regulations 64% 68% 21 Annual Report 2021 Chairperson’s Statement Chief Executive’s Review 2020 in Brief Who We Are What We Do Governance Appendices Inspectors Report compliance rate (82%).

Further information on Approved Centre Compliance with Regulations can be found here.

I trust this information is of assistance to you.

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