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Education | Co Kildare primary and secondary schools

To ask the Minister for Education the degree to which she and her Department continue to upgrade, replace and improve schools in the primary and second level sphere in County Kildare and throughout the country; the extent to which the current building programme is succeeding in this regard; and if she will make a statement on the matter.


Under Project Ireland 2040, the education sector will receive a total of approximately €4.4 billion capital investment over the period 2021-2025. This significant investment allows us to move forward with certainty on our ambitious plans and deliver high quality building projects, with a real focus on sustainability, for school communities across Ireland. This investment will build on the good progress being made on adding capacity to cater for demographic changes and provision for children with special educational needs. This investment will also facilitate an increased focus on the modernisation of existing school stock and help transition the school system for an era of net zero carbon by 2050.

My Department utilises a Geographic Information System (GIS) to support its strategic planning for capital investment.  Where the geo-spatial assessment of demand and capacity in an area indicates that additional provision is required my Department considers the options of extending the capacity of a school or schools, or of providing a new school or schools.  The timing and duration of the accommodation need is also considered in determining the optimum accommodation solution – for example a short-term accommodation requirement does not require a long-term accommodation solution.

My Department has a large pipeline of projects for delivery under the school building programme. The main elements of this pipeline currently involve in excess of 1,300 school building projects for delivery under the Department’s Large Scale and Additional Accommodation Scheme. These projects are currently in progress across the various stages of planning, design, tender and construction. There are currently in excess of 300 school building projects at construction (on site) with a continuous stream of other projects at or near the tendering stage. Most of which are expected to be either under construction or completed in the period up to 2025 and are being progressed as quickly as possible.

It is anticipated that 150 to 200 school building projects will be completed annually during the 2022 to 2025 period.

The current status of approved projects is listed on a county by county basis on and is updated on a monthly basis to reflect their progress through the various stages.

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