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Foreign Affairs | Ireland’s promotion and protection of human rights in UN Security Council

To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs the extent to which Ireland through its membership of the United Nations Security Council or otherwise is making a priority list of human rights abuses on a worldwide basis with an indication of retribution in each case; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

I thank the Deputy for his question and am pleased to refer him to my previous responses to parliamentary questions no [4176/22] dated the 27th January 2022, no [15001/22] dated the 22nd March 2022, and no [33539/22] dated 23 June 2022.

The human rights situation in any particular country is unique in its character, scale and complexity, and a universally agreed global ranking does not exist. My Department can provide any details required in relation to individual countries of specific concern.

In our bilateral, EU and multilateral engagement, Ireland continues to strongly advocate for the promotion and protect human rights as a key foreign policy priority.

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