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Environment, Climate and Communications | Broadband network extension applications and progress

To ask the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications the extent to which ongoing efforts are being made to meet applications for modern high-speed broadband from those areas that may be between serviced areas but are yet without service; and if he will make a statement on the matter.


The NBP network that is being built by National Broadband Ireland will ensure that all of those living and working within the NBP intervention area will have access to a future proofed high-speed broadband network. Deployment of the network is now ongoing in every county in Ireland with the build programme reaching scale. Connectivity will continue to be available from a variety of operators already in the market who offer fixed and wireless options for people to access broadband.

Mobile operators also provide connectivity options and to assist consumers, ComReg has developed a national outdoor coverage map (available at this link) to provide consumers with clear information on where operators have good 2G, 3G and 4G coverage. Mobile coverage obligations are set out in licences granted by ComReg who advises that all operators are exceeding the current minimum coverage obligations. Capital investment by telecommunications operators over the last 5 years came to €3.3 billion for both fixed and mobile services enhancing the availability of services, both voice and data, throughout Ireland, including in rural areas. 

ComReg is currently in the process of running another Multi-band Spectrum Award to assign rights of use in four spectrum bands. The award comprises 470 MHz of spectrum and represents a 46% increase in the harmonised spectrum assigned for the provision of wireless broadband services in Ireland. This will enable the operators to provide improved services to meet increasing consumer demand for mobile data and new services. The proposals include significant coverage obligations for prospective winning bidders.

In Ireland, the Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce has been a driving force since 2016 for improving access to telecommunications services nationwide with over 70 targeted actions completed to alleviate connectivity barriers. It tackles issues impeding the rollout of mobile and fixed connectivity. It is co-managed by my Department and the Department of Rural and Community Development.

Broadband Connection Points (BCP) provide wireless connectivity, to support remote working and connected communities with public access to free high-speed broadband. 268 live BCP sites are in regular use, with a monthly average of 1,010 new and 6,415 returning users across the network.

Further details are available on specific areas through the NBI website.  The website provides a facility for any premises within the intervention area to register their interest in being provided with deployment updates through its website Individuals who register with this facility will receive regular updates on progress by NBI on delivering the network and specific updates related to their own premises as works commence. NBI has a dedicated email address,, which can be used by Oireachtas members for specific queries.

NBI has made recent improvements to their website to enhance the provision of information to Oireachtas members. NBI has now completed a suite of changes, creating a portal that will serve as a means for Oireachtas members to proactively search for information relevant to their county/local area. The portal provides an up-to-date picture of NBI’s deployment schedule across the 227 Deployment Areas (DAs) in all twenty-six counties. A particular county can be selected to view an update of the overall number of premises in the intervention area, the overall NBP investment in the county, the number of premises passed and connected to date and the status of each of the Deployment Areas with the anticipated date for connection over the lifetime of the project. The dedicated webpage can be accessed here:

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