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Transport | Progress on proposals to allow the electrification of the Dublin, Hazelhatch and Sallins lines

* To ask the Minister for Transport if he will outline progress on proposals to provide for the electrification of the Dublin, Hazelhatch and Sallins lines with a view to ensuring that a convenient and readily available transport system in the future is capable of meeting expanded demands; and if he will make a statement on the matter.


As Minister for Transport,  I have responsibility for policy and overall funding in relation to public transport. The National Transport Authority (NTA) has statutory responsibility for the planning and development of public transport infrastructure in the Greater Dublin Area, including the DART+ Programme and its constituent projects.

Through the NTA, Iarnród Éireann receive Exchequer funding in relation to the provision of car parking at train stations on the heavy rail network in the GDA, including Counties Kildare and Meath.

Noting the NTA’s responsibility in the matters raised, including progress on DART+ West and DART+ South West, I have referred the Deputy’s questions to the NTA for a more detailed reply.  Please contact my private office if you do not receive a reply within 10 days.



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