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Education | Ensuring the provision of previously promised teacher allocation in Maynooth

To ask the Minister for Education if she will ensure the provision of a previously promised teacher allocation at a school (details supplied); if the allocation will be urgently restored to the original commitment given the unique and compelling reasons which have already been specified by the school authorities; and if she will make a statement on the matter. (Details Supplied) Maynooth Education Campus


Teacher allocations to all second level schools are approved annually by my Department in accordance with established rules based on recognised pupil enrolment.

The Department provides a staffing allocation to each ETB based on the overall enrolment of the schools within the ETB. The distribution of this staffing allocation is a matter for the Chief Executive of the ETB based on the overall enrolment of the schools within the ETB.

The criteria for the allocation of posts are communicated to school managements annually and are available on the Department website (Circular 0024/2022). In accordance with the published staffing arrangements, each school management authority is required to organise its subject options within the limit of its approved teacher allocation. Where a school management authority is unable to meet its curricular commitments within its approved allocation, my Department considers applications for additional short term support i.e. curricular concessions. This concession is available as a short term support to enable essential curricular provision to continue.
The allocation processes also include appellate mechanisms under which schools and ETBs can appeal against the allocation due to them under the staffing schedules. The ETB can submit an appeal under certain criteria to an independent Appeal Board which was established specifically to adjudicate on appeals on staffing allocations in post-primary schools. The Post Primary Appeals Board operates independently of my Department.

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