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Education | Ensuring the provision of a fifth teacher to Kilshanroe National School

To ask the Minister for Education if she will ensure the provision of a fifth teacher to a school (details supplied) that have 112 children enrolled for September 2022, which without the provision of same will result in the provision of only four classes, not five classes as urgently required; if further information can be provided as to the reason this fifth teacher has been rescinded given the urgent need for staff and school places in north Kildare; if all efforts can be made to rectify this situation urgently; and if she will make a statement on the matter. (Details Supplied) Kilshanroe National School


The key factor for determining the level of staffing resources provided at individual school level is the staffing schedule for the relevant school year and pupil enrolments on the previous 30 September.

For the 2022/23 school year, the staffing schedule for primary schools has been improved by one point and schools will be provided with class teachers on the basis of 1 teacher for every 24 pupils which is a historical low ratio, with lower thresholds applying to DEIS Urban Band 1 schools.

The staffing process contains an appeals mechanism for schools to submit a staffing appeal under certain criteria to an independent Primary Staffing Appeals Board.  Details of the appeal process are available in Circular 25/2022.

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